Accounting profession is critical to the development and wellbeing of national economies and the global economy. As trade across borders continues its exponential growth, the need for reliable and high-quality financial reporting as well as assurance provided by the auditors on them cannot be overstated; they are the keys to improving financial transparency, management accountability, good governance as well as the main source of investor confidence and contribute immensely to the process of achieving financial prudence.

Maldives Accountants Forum is the national platform for all the professional auditors and accountants to discuss and deliberate on matters of mutual interest with the industry stakeholders and regulators. The purpose of the forum is to promote accounting professionals and gain the trust and confidence of the industry in their work while giving them the opportunity to share, learn, network and understand the emerging issues

With the enactment of Maldives Chartered Accountants Act 13/2020 on 8th September 2020, CA Maldives took on the mantle of the regulator of the accountancy profession and has since continued its efforts to advance the interests of accounting community in the country under the leadership of the Auditor General who will remain the President of Institute of Chartered Accountants during the transitional period of four years.

MAF 2021 was successfully conducted by CA Maldives with more than 150 participants. The fourth edition of the annual event, the Maldives Accountants Forum, held under the theme ‘Readiness Mindset, Striving for Excellence’ organized by CA Maldives, commenced on 15th November 2021. The forum was targeted at auditors, accountants in business, regulators, business community and academia. Both local and foreign experts of the industry joined MAF 2021 to deliver a total of 18 insightful, interesting and engaging sessions and panel discussions.

CA Maldives aims to bring more exciting content including technical sessions and panel discussions. The theme for MAF 2022 is ‘Economic Transformation, Rethinking Growth in the New Economy’.