Auditing profession is critical to the development and wellbeing of national economy. In this global economy, the need for reliable and high quality financial reporting as well as assurance provided by the auditors on them cannot be overstated. They are the keys to improving financial transparency, management accountability, good governance as well as the main source of investor confidence and the sure way to achieving financial prudence.

As a nation, we are in need of promoting auditing and accountancy profession to the next level to cater to the emerging developmental and investment needs of the country. As the regulator, AGO is taking several measures to promote this profession. Some of the ongoing initiatives include the issuance of license to the auditors, conducting of quality control reviews and CPD programs for the licensed auditors. A draft bill to form first ever professional accountancy body in the Maldives has also been forwarded to the Attorney General. This is however a complex process with multiple stakeholders and vested interests. Thus a national platform to discuss a way forward is a critical step in our progress.

Maldives Accountants Forum is meant to hear from the regulators and business community, in order to enable the accountants and auditor to better attune their work to the needs the of industry stakeholders and to provide a capacity development opportunity for the professionals while creating greater understanding and stronger bond among all concerned.


Auditing began in Maldives about 67 years ago, with just one man and one desk. Ever since the AGO and its predecessors have taken the initiatives to develop accounting and auditing profession in the Republic of Maldives. Firstly, it was through designing and delivery of a local program to build technicians to undertake bookkeeping and audit work in public sector entities. Later, the focus was shifted to introducing a regionally accredited accounting qualification to Maldives. Lastly, the AGO started sponsoring candidates to study for professional qualification of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) abroad. Today, ACCA and several other academic qualifications are offered through Maldives National University and colleges. AGO has also licensed more than forty local parties to provide auditing and assurance services. However, these auditors and accountants need a regulatory body, and an active voice to promote their interest and to provide opportunities for them locally and abroad. In order to build a world class auditing and accounting industry, we still have a long way to go. The formation of professional accountancy body, in the name of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Maldives would be the most important milestone. At this juncture, we need to share this with the business community and regulators in order to develop a positive agenda for change. Time has come for the regulators and policy makers and professionals to sit with business leaders to identify issues and priorities and a way forward, placing the needs and expectations of the business community at the heart of this initiative.

  • To promote auditors and accountants and to gain confidence of the industry for their work
  • To orient the auditors and accountants to the emerging issues and opportunities
  • To hear the concerns and expectation of the business community
  • To share learning, experience and expectations among the key stakeholders
  • To gain insight for making policy decision
  • To provide networking opportunities
Target Audience
  • Government (MoF, MED, MoE/DHE, MMA, CMDA, ACC, PAC)
  • Financial Institutions & Banks
  • Govt. Corporations / SOEs
  • University / Colleges
  • Licensed Auditors / Professional Accountants
  • Private Sector Businesses ( Large companies)
  • Media

Confidence through quality and commitment

Key benefits of attending the forum
  • This forum will provide the opportunity to share and exchange knowledge and experience with the peers
  • Government institutions and business leaders will express their concerns and highlight risks in today’s professional landscape
  • Participants will gain an understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by private audit practitioners
  • This platform will create opportunities to address, discuss, and discover solutions for the daily challenges of auditing and accounting
  • This will be a golden opportunity to grow your professional network and contacts to support your role as a professional member
  • Participation fee is free
Vanue & Date
Date Venue Session
6th November 2017 Hotel Jen Inauguration & Keynotes
7th November 2017 AGO – Seminar room Technical Sessions
8th November 2017 AGO – Seminar room Technical Sessions


speaker's profile


09:00 09:05 Quran
Aminath Muaza
Assistant Auditor / Auditor General’s Office
09:05 09:20 Welcome Remarks
Mr. Hassan Ziyath
Auditor General
09:20 09:30 Opening and Introductory Remarks by Chief Guest
Mr. Ahmed Naseer
Governor – Maldives Monetary Authority
09:30 10:10 Keynote address
Mr. Arjuna Herath
Chair – PAODC of IFAC, Council Member CA Sri Lanka, & Sr. Partner EY
10:10 10:30 Networking and Refreshment
10:30 10:40 Changing Expecta􀆟ons from Finance Professionals: A CEO’s Perspec􀆟ve
Mr. Andrew Healy
CEO/MD - Bank of Maldives Plc
10:40 11:20 Entrepreneurial Challenges
Mr. Ibrahim Saleem
Chairman/ Solarelle Insurance Pvt Ltd
11:20 11:50 Governance & Compliance – The gateway for successful companies
Ms. Mariyam Visam
Registrar of Companies – Ministry of Economic Development
11:50 12:00 Overview of AGO Licensing and Desciplinery Func􀆟on
Mr. Hussain Niyazy
Assistant Auditor General-AGO
12:00 13:15 Lunch Break
13:15 14:15 Ethical & Professional Dimensions for Audit Firms
Panel discussion
Mr. Ibrahim Aiman (AGO) Mr. Arjuna Herath (Expert), Mr. Krishna R(EY), Ms. Mariyam Visam (MoED)
14:15 15:15 The Leadership Brand
Mr. Michel Nugawela
CEO / Interbrand – Sri Lanka
15:15 15:30 Vote of thanks & Closure
Ms Nishwa Firaq
Director - Corporate Services Department - Auditor General’s Office
15:30 Refreshment
08:45 10:00 SMP Challenges & Opportunities
Managing Partners
Panel Discussion Mr. H. Niyazy (AGO), Mr. Rifath Jaleel (SMP), KPMG Shameel
10:00 10:20 Tea Break
10:20 12:00 Time management & Produc􀆟vity
Mr. Adam Naseer
Director- Ins􀆟tute of Audit & Assurance / AGO
12:00 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 15:30 Hotel Audit
Crowe Horwath
Technical Training Session
08:30 12:00 Emerging Issues 1: IFRS 15-Revenue
Technical Training Session
12:00 13:30 Lunch break
13:30 15:00 Emerging Issues 2: ISA 700-Audit Repor􀆟ng
Technical Training Session
15:30 17:00 Emerging Issues 3: IFRS16-Leases
Technical Training Session

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